Science for grade 3

In Grade 3, science takes you on an exciting journey to explore the world around you. You'll learn about animals, plants, weather, and even how different forces work. Science is like a puzzle that helps you understand how everything fits together in our amazing universe. Get ready to ask questions, conduct experiments, and discover the wonders of the natural world!
Starting date

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Elementary school


2 Semesters



Why should I take this course?

Career Opportunities

Communication skills

Cultural Awareness

This course paves the way for diverse career opportunities by equipping you with a deep understanding of natural and human systems. From environmental policy analysis to international relations, your critical thinking and global perspective will set you apart in roles that drive positive change.

Enhance your communication skills through interactive discussions, research, and presentations. Clear and persuasive communication is essential across industries, empowering you to collaborate effectively, share complex ideas, and engage with diverse audiences.

Navigating our interconnected world demands cultural sensitivity. This course fosters a profound appreciation for diverse perspectives, enabling you to navigate cross-cultural interactions with respect and insight. Embrace cultural diversity and thrive in a global community.